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Adagio Offers a Safe and Inclusive Experience

As you embark on your massage therapy journey, it's essential to understand what to expect, especially when visiting a new therapist. We're committed to providing a safe, inclusive environment that respects neurodivergence, sensory sensitivities, and embraces the identities of LGBTQIA+ individuals. Here's what you should know:


Open and Respectful Communication: Your session begins with a conversation. We encourage you to share any specific pain or tension issues, comfort and pressure preferences, and your health history - this is also a great time to discuss any neurodivergent traits or sensory preferences you have. Understanding your needs helps us tailor a session that's comfortable and beneficial for you.


Your Preferences are a Priority: We believe in honoring your boundaries. Whether it's your level of disrobing, areas of treatment, conversation during the session, or pressure intensity, your comfort is our focus. You are always in control, and we encourage you to express your preferences openly.


Privacy and Respect: Expect complete privacy as you prepare for your session. Your massage therapist will leave the room to ensure you have space and time to get comfortable. After the session, you'll also have all the time you need to get ready without feeling rushed.

Empowering Your Voice: If a technique or pressure makes you uncomfortable, you have the right to ask for adjustments or even end the session. We support your autonomy and respect your choices.


Neurodiversity and Sensory Sensitivity: Neurodivergent individuals may have specific sensory needs. Let us know whether it's the room's lighting, sound levels, or the type of touch so we can adjust the environment to your comfort.


LGBTQIA+ Supportive: Our space is a welcoming and safe place for LGBTQIA+ clients and respects the use of preferred pronouns and gender identities. We strive for a respectful, judgment-free zone where everyone can feel comfortable and affirmed.

Payment Options: Payment is due upon completion of the session, and accepted methods are Venmo, credit card, check, or cash. Tipping is appreciated but not necessary, and you will not be asked to pay anything beyond the posted session price.


Rebooking at Your Discretion: There's no pressure to schedule future sessions or subscribe to services. We respect your decisions and financial comfort.


Valuing Your Feedback: If you have any concerns or if there's something we can improve, please let us know. Positive feedback and reviews are also greatly appreciated and helpful to others.


Adagio Healing is dedicated to creating an environment where all clients feel safe, respected, and cared for, regardless of their backgrounds or needs. We look forward to providing you with a therapeutic experience that is beneficial and respectful of your individuality.

Our Location

Adagio Healing Massage Therapy is located near the 39th St District in Oklahoma City. Exact location will be given once booking is complete.

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