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Meet the Owner

Owner of Adagio Healing

Auvrey Dillon became a certified massage therapist in 2005 after two years of studying different modalities of body work. After over a decade of offering on-site massage therapy in the Oklahoma City area, she set up her first studio in 2018. Her twenty years of experience as a touch therapist has cultivated a profound interest in the human body's capacity for healing and the intricate connection between physical and emotional well-being.

In curating her first studio space, she wanted to create a setting that would be as close in character to the client’s home as possible. Colors, textures, temperature, sound and lighting were all chosen deliberately, and have continued to evolve. She has found that the more a client feels physically and emotionally in tune with the environment, the more enhanced their receptivity to relaxation and healing. As a musician, she understands the deep connection between sound and emotion, and has curated playlists with attention to mood and tempo. Strategic soundtrack choices often help enhance a body’s response to touch.

In 2020, Adagio shut down for many months due to the pandemic. During that time away from active practice, Auvrey began continuing education coursework on myofascial release. This still emerging field within massage therapy sparked a phase of renewed passion for her work. Now, she focuses mostly on the interstitium, the network of connective tissue that holds and supports everything in the body. This often ignored, often misunderstood fascial network is often the true origin of many issues involving tension and discomfort.

Each individual's path to healing is unique, and Auvrey is committed to providing personalized care that respects and responds to the specific needs of each person who walks through the doors of Adagio. Her approach is a blend of science and art, combining technical proficiency with intuitive touch, ensuring that each session is a wholly therapeutic experience.

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